Customer Value

Customer Value

Customer Value

“The only value your company will ever create is the value that comes from customers – the ones you have now and the ones you will have in the future. Businesses succeed by getting, keeping and growing customers. Customers are the only reason you build factories, hire employees, schedule meetings and/or engage in any business activities…” Don Peppers & Martha Rogers 

Without customers, You don’t have a business...!

The company must operate on the philosophy that it is trying to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction subject to delivering acceptable levels of satisfaction to the other stakeholders (employees, dealers and suppliers) given its total resources.

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AMSON Medical is established in 2010 focusing on delivering effecient therapy groups to both HCPs and patients in Middle East region generally and particularly in Saudi Arabian and GCC Markets. 

AMSON is an experienised company in the field of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and medical disposable. We are interpreting both direct and indirect business models based on goals, objectives, market dynamics and potential at specified market place.

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